welcome , welcome , welcome

for those of you stopping by, this is a spot on the world wide web in which i (nicole) will review books that i read (mostly). occasionally though, if you’re lucky, you may find me sharing some thoughts about life, social justice or whatever comes to mind – perhaps even food.

as a disclaimer: all thoughts and views expressed on here are solely mine alone and not influenced by other factors. although really, it’s quite impossible to not be swayed by media these days.

anyway, i hope you will enjoy my scribblings (typlings?) on here and maybe, just maybe find them useful. it may make you want to read a book, or not read one. or maybe you will just see this as a source of entertainment. whatever your purpose is i sincerely thank you for visiting this little website of mine.

till next time,


p.s. for those who may be wondering, yes you will find the capitalisation of words appalling here (e.g. i will not capitalise the word ‘i’). however, that is partly because apparently it is very hip to not capitalise, or punctuate for that matter. mostly though, it is because this blog will be written in my very rare spare time. thus, having to press the ‘shift’ key to capitalise letters is far too time consuming, thus non-capitalisation¬†will be a common theme. i’m sorry in advance. i do realise how utterly frustrating it can be. i am one of those people who punctuates and corrects people on social media. yet, efficiency is utmost on my list of¬†priorities. so there.

welcome , welcome , welcome